Frontline.live is a platform that empowers people on the frontline to report when supplies or equipment run short during times of crisis. 

We plot those needs on our digital map so that makers, citizens and community groups can see emerging problems and find ways of getting supplies to them quickly.

Any not-for-profit organisation can use this open-source, rapid response platform when shortages appear during any crisis. Contact us if you want to know more.


This “risk radar” technology was built by volunteers during the PPE crisis that emerged during the Covid19 pandemic. Hundreds of frontline healthcare workers reported PPE shortages. Our platform empowered a growing network of activists and aligned partners  to respond rapidly to PPE shortages, to supply the vital PPE to keep them safe while the government and the NHS were struggling. [link to what we’ve done section]

The impact so far is impressive: including over £500,000 of donated time/ services and over 500,000 units of PPE delivered. 


This first version of the platform empowers community activists to support healthcare workers.

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2 Have supplies? Register to appear on the map

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